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Workshop Offerings from Dr. Nick Fuhrman

Meigs Professor of Environmental Education

Writing a Winning Teaching Grant-Tips for Success
(4 hours or 6 hours)

We are all trying to do more with less and it makes getting teaching grants even more vital. In this workshop, Dr. Fuhrman walks you through a recipe for success when applying for external funds to enhance your teaching. You'll walk away with tips for budget development, creating a logic model (a required component of most proposals), and how to creatively evaluate the outcomes of your project. (K-12 educators)

Making Your Classroom STEM Friendly: Your Students as Citizen Scientists
(2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are all critical subject areas for lower-grade students. However, lower-grade teachers sometimes struggle with integrating STEM on a consistent basis throughout their curriculum. In this workshop, Dr. Fuhrman will demonstrate how integrating a classroom animal (including worms, amphibians, and reptiles) can build excitement, help with STEM integration, and create thematic lessons with impact. We will even experience how students can help with scientific data collection (with user friendly apps) and reporting just like real scientists. (K-8 educators)

Preparing for your Master's or Specialist's Degree: Research and Data Collection Made Simple
(2 hours or 4 hours)

Interested in pursuing a Master's or Specialist's degree and have anxiety about the research requirements? In this workshop, Dr. Fuhrman will show you how simple and fun data collection, analysis, and interpretation can be using a series of creative analogies, stories, and even animals. You will walk away able to analyze numeric (quantitative) and written (qualitative) data and talk about your findings so someone not in education will understand. (K-12 educators)